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    Bible Gateway
  • Bible Gateway (@BibleGateway & @BibleGatewayApp) is your rich social and personal connection to freely read, research, and reference Scripture on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone . . . anywhere; in more than 200 versions and more than 70 languages! Its simple yet advanced searching capabilities allow you to quickly find and compare particular passages in multiple Bible translations based on the keywords, phrases, topics, or Scripture references you have in mind. You’ll be inspired and encouraged – whether reading with your eyes or your ears (audio Bibles) – as you rely on Bible Gateway for all your Bible reading needs.
    Christian Family Solutions
  • At WLCFS Christian Family Counseling, it is our mission to heal and help people in need through the ministry of Jesus Christ. As more and more people seek help with tough life issues, we want to be the Christian counseling resource they turn to for hope, healing, and peace.

    Chrisitian Family Solutions also offers online Telehealth video counseling.
    Christian Life Resources
  • Christian Life Resources (CLR) was established in 1983 as WELS Lutherans for Life. CLR serves people of all ages in need of help and understanding as they face serious life and family issues. CLR fulfills its mission to use these issues as bridges to convey the love of God and to share the message of salvation through Christ. This is carried out nationally and internationally through a network of affiliates along with an extensive educational program and Web site. Its charitable foundation, Christians Concerned for Life Foundation, supports pro-life and pro-family work. CLR is also the parent organization of New Beginnings—A Home for Mothers, a residential setting for single mothers and their children.
    Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Synod is an American Lutheran church body of 130 congregations in full fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). The ELS is also a member of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC), which currently consists of 24 church bodies throughout the world in fellowship with one another. Following Jesus’ command to bring the Gospel “to all nations,” the ELS operates missions in seven countries around the world: Peru, Chile, India, Korea, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Latvia. We are also active in beginning new congregations in the United States.
    Northwestern Publishing House
  • The mission of Northwestern Publishing House is to deliver Biblically sound Christ-centered resources within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and beyond. The vision of Northwestern Publishing House is to be the premier resource for quality Lutheran materials faithful to the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions. We offer resources for the church, the school, and the home. In addition to adult and youth curriculum, we publish periodicals and books of general interest on a variety of subjects: devotions, family and personal guidance, church history, and Scripture studies such as the popular People’s Bible commentary series and the People’s Bible Teachings series on doctrine. We also provide books and materials selected from other Christian publishers.
    What About Jesus?
  • Many people have questions about Christianity; they wonder about what God says and does. Some of these questions you might have asked yourself. This website is here to help answer some of those unanswered questions about who Jesus is, questioning God, and any life concerns.
    Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • WELS is a group of nearly 400,000 men, women, and children in nearly 1,300 congregations across the United States and Canada united by a common faith in Christ’s saving love. We are committed to a common calling—encouraging each other in our faith and sharing God’s gift of a Savior with the rest of the world.

    David Jay Webber’s Lutheran Theology Web Site
  • Hello! Thank you for visiting my Lutheran Theology Web Site. I am an ordained Lutheran minister, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. I established this site while I was serving (from 1997 to 2005) as the Rector of Saint Sophia Ukrainian Lutheran Theological Seminary in Ternopil’, Ukraine. At the present time I am the Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    The purpose of this site is to promote, extend, and defend the theology of Confessional Lutheranism, as reflected especially in the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. I am persuaded that this theology is thoroughly apostolic, catholic, orthodox, and evangelical – in the truest and deepest sense of those terms.
  • It’s nothing new in Christian music for traditional songs to be re-shaped by the influences of culture and time. But perhaps it’s the way Koiné is combining century-old hymns with a modern accompaniment that is causing people everywhere to take notice of what some in Milwaukee have known for years. Imagine a 1200 year old text and a 600 year old melody, married with a Les Paul, Steinway piano, drums and electric bass. With their arrangements, Koiné strives to find a unique balance between the familiarity of the classic hymn melodies and the raw instrumentation of the new arrangements.

    Originally formed in 2003 as a worship band, Koiné quickly began to gain a grassroots following as requests for appearances and sales of their first album, Koiné (Self-Titled) started to roll in.

    Since that time, local events turned into regional tours, and now Koiné travels the North America sharing their unique music ministry. Koiné has truly found a niche for themselves. Much of their music already has a welcome home in traditional worship, but with a modern sound that anyone can identify with.
    Reformation 500
  • October 31, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation started by Martin Luther and his Ninety-five Theses. In celebration of this historic year, WELS has created a site featuring historical information and details on events, tours, films, and more.
    The Wartburg Project
  • “The Wartburg Project” is a group of Lutheran pastors and professors who are working together to produce a new translation of the Bible, the Evangelical Heritage Version™.

    Lord willing, we plan to publish through Northwestern Publishing House a “New Testament and Psalms Special Edition” in time for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in the fall of 2017.
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    Arizona Lutheran Academy
  • ALA is a WELS high school located in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Arizona Lutheran Academy is committed to serving its federation and community by providing an exceptional education, preserving a Christ-focused school culture, promoting spiritual growth and Christian service, and preparing life-long disciples of Jesus Christ.
    California Lutheran High School
  • CLHS is a WELS high school located in Wildomar, California.

    We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ for eternal salvation and teach the unchanging will of God, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, for guidance in living. We build lives on the Christian values of love, respect, faithfulness, and service to others through a program of excellence in education in academics, athletics, and the arts.  We do this to train the next generation of Christian church and world leaders all to the glory of God.
    Luther Preparatory School
  • The continuing mission and purpose of Luther Preparatory School is to prepare and encourage young men and women for the full time ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
    Michigan Lutheran Seminary
  • Michigan Lutheran Seminary has continued to fulfill its mission and purpose: Train students for the public ministry of the gospel and to enroll them upon graduation at Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota.
    Wisconsin Lutheran College
  • Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) is an independent, nationally ranked Christian college in Milwaukee that serves 1,200 traditional undergraduate, adult, and graduate students through its on-campus, on-location, and online programming. The college, which prepares students for lives of Christian leadership, is recognized for its academic excellence and superior student experience. Caring, Christian faculty work directly with students, who benefit from numerous research, service, and co-curricular opportunities designed to enhance academic and spiritual growth.
    Martin Luther College
  • Martin Luther College is owned and operated by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). Formed from an amalgamation of Dr. Martin Luther College (founded in 1884) and Northwestern College (founded in 1865), Martin Luther College opened its doors to the next generation of church workers in 1995.

    While every institution has its strengths, Martin Luther College is distinctive. We are the WELS College of Ministry. We exist solely to train future pastors, teachers, and staff ministers for the public ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
    Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
  • The purpose of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary is to offer theological training that prepares men to enter the pastoral ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or of churches within its confessional fellowship . The seminary also endeavors in various ways to offer opportunity for theological and professional growth to called workers who already are serving in the ministry of its confessional fellowship.

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